What is Article Marketing?


Article marketing is short articles submitted to article banks, newsletter publishers and forums to advertise the companies product or service.  Bringing more traffic to the company or website is the first goal behind the writers of article for marketing.  The publishers just wants good content.  The article needs to be between 400 – 600 words in length.

It doesn’t cost a lot and is very successful in bringing results to a company.  Less expensive than running a campaign ad in various newspapers and magazines.

Article marketing has been used for many years, but at the present still gets results.

You can market your articles of advertising through any of the print media available.

Internet Article Marketing

The internet offers directories that post your article.  High traffic is associated with web pages that have high rankings for their article directories.  Submitting their articles to several directories gets business owners the most results.  This doesn’t necessarily do anything for the rankings.  Because search engines aren’t happy with duplicated information.

Pros vs Cons


It is low cost (unless you have ghost writers).  You should spend time writing good and helpful content.

Some articles go viral and if this happens, your traffic explodes!  More traffic = more paying customers = more money in your pocket.

And most importantly you establish a good relationship and trust, because it is useful to customers and solves their problems.


It seems like there is always disadvantages for some.  Like if you have to use a ghost writer, to get quality content, this may be expensive.  So be sure to shop around and ask plenty of questions.

Another disadvantage is it takes time presenting your articles to distributors.


Article marketing may take some time and planning, but in most cases I think it would be to the advantage of the company to establish relationship with the customer.

Is Article Marketing worth the time and effort?

In my opinion  YES.


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