Online Jobs For Teens

Teens are always asking for money to buy “stuff”.  Most parents would like to see those teens get a good job to help pay for the “stuff”.

Why don’t we teach them the opportunity of making money online?

To get started two you need a niche, a domain name, a website and hosting. These are easy to achieve with Wealthy Affiliate, WordPress and SiteRubix.


What is a “niche”?  It is people looking for something. It is something you are going to promote or advertise.  This could be anything you know a lot about or are interested enough to research and learn.  Something someone wants and are willing to buy.  Your job is to make the reader have confidence in what you are promoting.  And most of all you need to gain the readers trust, as the saying goes, “they want buy from someone they don’t trust”.  If you have gained their trust they will come back to you web page again and again.

Domain Name

A domain name is the name that you are giving to your website that’s relating to your niche. If you can come up with a good .com name, that would be great, even if you have to get a .net that’s okay.  But a .com is better.


Wealthy Affiliate is the program Google著作権侵害対策アップデート you need to succeed. You get 2 free websites when you register with ???????????? the Starter Membership and you get free hosting.  But if you want your own domain, you may purchase one.  The price of a domain name is around $15 or less.

When you have your niche, get your domain name and then write what your niche is all about. But the content has to be quality information wholesale jerseys and clearly explain what your niche is about.  That’s the program in a nut shell.

The Cost

The cost of a Starter Membership is a BIG $0.  The Starter Membership gives you 2 free websites and hosting. You get access to some training and the ability to ask questions for 7 days.  This is a try before you buy website.  Now that’s different, isn’t it?  Click here to register.

The only upgrade is the Premium Membership and it only costs $49 per month.  But the first month is discounted Your to $19 when you buy Premium.  Or you can pay by the year.  You don’t have to upgrade if you don’t want to, but the benefits are amazing.  You get access to ALL the training, ALL the classrooms, the discussions, ALL the videos and help from the community.  Click here to upgrade to Premium.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to leave a comment in the box below.  Your opinion is welcome.m