Are You a Work From Home Mom? You Need to Read This First!

If you are a work from home mom.  You need to read this first.

It use to be that working from home for moms with children under age for going to school, could only find legitimate work like stuffing envelopes.

Our technology has made a drastic change to that.  Many companies now offer home jobs, called “remote or telecommute workers”.  That’s how much the internet has changed the work place.

Companies do this because they don’t have to expand their work space or in some cases their building to accommodate the extra employees.  Some don’t even have to offer the company benefits, as the office worker gets.  No insurance or PTO’s or paid holidays etc.

You can find some companies that train to do whatever the job requires.  And some companies let you earn rewards or points, like cash or gift cards, for watching videos, playing games and even shopping.  These points allow you to shop online at Amazon and Best Buy to name a few.

These companies love to hire people with good communication skills, to  gather leads and set appointments.

The advantage or disadvantage as it may be, is that you don’t have anyone looking over your shoulder to make sure the projects for the day is done.  So you have to be self disciplined and self motivated.

Affiliated marketing is a good job for work at home moms.  Wealthy Affiliated is the number one company that I recommend.  If you are considering making some serious money.  It’s not a get rich quick scheme.  You have to be diligent in your research and time management.

You can sign up or register for $0 dollars.  You get two (2) free websites to conduct your business on.  These  are not cookie cutter websites.  You build them yourself, with the help of SiteRubix and WordPress.  Wealthy Affiliates walks you through with step by step instructions.  You can have your website up and running in a matter of minutes. ( Watch this build-a-website-in-30-seconds).

You have seven (7) days with the free Starter Membership, to access lessons and Q & A sessions.  After that you still have the lessons but not the Q & A.  You still have the websites, so you can continue on.  This membership is a try before you buy program.

When you decide to upgrade to the Premium Membership, the cost is $49/per month.  And you get so much more.  See the chart below.

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