Click Funnels Review

Click Funnels Review

What is it? And How Can You Create an Income Online?

What in the World is a Click Funnel?

I have just recently heard of “Click Funnels” and there is much talk about it .  So I set out to find out about what it was and how it worked.  That being said, I signed up for the free trial offer.

A Click Funnel is a process which you take your prospects through.  You make them an offer they can’t refuse, (like a free newsletter, or report, or something they need).

The Click Funnel takes a potential customer from being sort of interested in your product or service, to eventually being a paying customer. 

The main purpose of any funnel is a quick profit.  So you guide the customer gently through the funnel. 

Next you offer them something of value, and if they refuse, you downsize your offer for something of lesser value.  If they accept you offer them an up sale.  If they accept that offer, that’s when you offer them the premium product.


Click Funnel has over 100 hours of training. The lead pages are awesome and were developed by Russel Brunson. You have probably have heard of him, he   wrote  “ Dot.Com Secrets”.  And they offer a 14 day trial.  That’s what I’m talking about, try before you buy. (So that’s when I signed up for the 14 day free trial!)

Day 1

Today I was welcomed to Click Funnels and given a rundown of all the funnels a person could implement if they so choose. This is the list: 1.)Opt’in Funnels, 2.) Email Funnels, 3.) Members Funnels and 4.) Product Launch Funnels.

Next you watch videos that explain what Click Funnels is all about.  For watching the videos you will be sent a free “Funnel hacker” T-shirt.

After that you are encouraged to join the live community of  over 11,000 members.  These members will help you, if they are asked.

Day 2

Today was lessons (videos) on how to set up and edit your page with the page editor.  You can select a template on which to post your funnel.

The template can be rearranged to your specifications.  In other words it’s not a cookie cutter template.

They have many templets for different types of business marketing funnels.  You just have to fill in the blanks to get an awesome squeeze page.  You don’t even have to know coding.   

The templets are easy to manage.  They are flexible and easy to use.  You just drag and drop your information to the place you want it to be.  

Then if you don’t like the looks of it you can rearrange or simply start all over.   You can design your own page.  Its really easy!

There are several up sales, but you don’t have to take them.

Day 3 through Day 14

These days are more training and explaining how to feel out your funnel.  The training is awesome.  Like I said there is 100’s of hours of training.  With only one or two tasks following the training.


The price of Click Funnel is somewhat high.  But if you have the resources it will be worth it. 

If you continue with the start up membership you pay $97 per month.  If you get the premium product its $297 per month.  To get access to ALL their products its a one time fee of $997 for now. 


My conclusion …I think its a great program just a bit pricey!  Their slogan is “Your just one funnel away from a six figure income”.