Is the Better Business Bureau a Fair and Honest Company?

Is the BBB a fair and honest company?

I’ll let you be the judge of that!  The name Better Business Bureau is confusing in itself, because you would think the BBB was a consumers advocate.  You would think it was for reporting businesses that comply with ethical business practices.

The Rating

The BBB is supposed to rate you according to the way you conduct your business.

Do you support your customers?

Do you give your customers the benefit of the doubt?

Do you support your employees?

Do you resolve problems promptly?

Does your employees get great benefits?

But did you know that the BBB lets you buy your rating?

Did you know?

Did you know that your good customers can’t call the BBB to give a positive experience, if you aren’t paying for your rating?  So their pockets get fuller!  If you don’t pay your rating isn’t positive.

Someone calls in and gives a fake negative.  Maybe its because they are in competition with you…Maybe not.  And they want your company to look bad.  Maybe their mad at one of your employees.  This unfair report can cause you to loose a lot of business.

So, they charge a yearly charge to your business for them to correct your negative rating.

Can you be sure?

That being said, when you go to or see their BBB logo on a business, can you be sure they are a legit business or not?  What if they are a FBN company (fly by night)?

This is ludicrous!  There is no way of knowing!  You are at their mercy.  My advice is to be wary of BBB ratings.

There are other companies that do what the BBB is supposed to do.  I would check then out.

You can also check out a company’s standing by going on the internet and search for the company reviews.

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